Almost-fully automated trans rights

Pardon my mess...

You may have experienced problems with Transpapers in recent weeks. This is because I'm not that smart and pushed production well before it was ready. Mea culpa. Development of Transpapers v2.0 continues; estimated launch the week of April 1, 2024. For now, I've reverted to the last known-good commit.

One thousand thousand apologies if you have been bitten by this.

All my love, Sasha

What is this? In the wake of attacks on our rights, this tool exists to lessen the burden of filling out and filing all those forms to have the state legally affirm your gender. This may be necessary for your personal safety and/or to obtain affirming medical care.
How do I use it?

Complete the form below and press "Generate forms." Your browser will then download a PDF file comprising the forms you need to file, as well as a personalized guide to filing them. The forms will be prefilled using the information you entered.

All fields are required by some form, but none are required by this web page; though note that to properly render the guide, you must enter at least your age and county of residence. If you do not wish to enter some data, or if your data does not fit neatly into the form (e.g., if you have no surname,) simply leave the field blank and fill it in manually. If you wish to leave every field blank, we recommend removing "Michigan" from the State field.

Is it safe to enter my personal data?

Yes. Everything happens client-side; that is to say, on your computer. Your personal data will not be transmitted over the Internet.

You should ensure that your browser points to; other addresses may not be secure.

Any bugs, issues, tips, etc. should be reported at our feedback form.

This is an open source project, so here is the public github repository.

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